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Engagement Bands

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The History Behind Engagement Bands

Today most couples assume that an engagement band is part and parcel of the process of getting engaged to each other and while today this may be true very few people understand the true history behind them.

Combined together the engagement ring and the wedding ring form a set that is much like the union of a man and woman in marriage.

This combination of rings represents all that is good in the promise of marriage, love, commitment, fidelity and the endless circle of the ring represents eternity which is how long all couples hope their marriage will last.

The original poesy ring was given as a token of togetherness much as today's engagement bands are a token to indicate the giver's intention to enter into eternal marriage.

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The Beginings

Engagement bands have a long and storied history that begins many centuries ago in Europe, although at this time they were more commonly known as a poesy ring. The concept however was the same as it is now as these engagement rings were given to by the man to the lady of his choice as a symbol of his love and his promise of fidelity along with his intentions to marry his betrothed.

During Greek times the engagement ring may have been used to indicate a person's intent to wed, but they were also given out much as younger people give each other friendship rings today. However the Romans took to this concept and adapted it to their culture quite quickly.

History shows that Roman engagement bands often had a key carved into them, depending on who you believe it is thought that this was done to show that the woman would have the key to half of everything her husband owned once they married; other said it was merely the key to her husband's heart.

Nower Days

A ring has been given as a token of betrothal and marriage for many centuries as far back as history can show. Today the tradition is still very much alive as many young men take great delight in coming up with new and creative ways to present their beloved with an engagement ring while asking for her hand in marriage.

One of the latest trends is for not only the man to give his intended a ring, for the bride to be to give her husband to be a men's engagement ring. Just like their female counterparts the men wear their engagement bands on the third finger of their left hand. Often after they are finally married both men and women have their engagement and wedding rings soldered together to form one ring. Men's rings tend to be far simpler than those for ladies and are usually a simple band made of silver or gold, although platinum and titanium have become far more popular in recent years for their durability.

While the current economy may be in a slump, it has not stopped the tradition of giving the betrothed an engagement ring. What is has done is make young couples more aware of the need to be more frugal and look for a cheap engagement ring instead of spending hundreds of pounds on one. The best way to find a reasonably priced engagement ring is to shop the Internet where you will find places like our website that offer a reasonable price on top quality rings.

Image of Engagement Bands
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